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How to choose bathrobe size ?

Many companies offer unique bathrobe styles matching different tastes and you as the buyer can choose the style of your choice.

We choose the color and when it comes to the size, the only option is a 4 letter word:  “OSFM”   or worse, “OSFA”

Let us first explain what these words mean. OSFM stands for ‘One Size Fits Most’ and “OSFA” stands for ‘One Size Fits All’.

You might be a 6’ 6” tall person or a 5’1” petite size person and for the same style bathrobe, both are required to buy the same size and expect it to fit!
Worst of all, many companies specifically offer full length styles with the bathrobe length coming all the way to your ankles and it is still offered as one size fits most.
When buying a bathrobe, size should be a very important specification. A full length bathrobe for a size Petite/Small should be about 10 inches shorter than a full length bathrobe for a size XXL.
Along with the length, the circumference of the bathrobe should also change as the size changes, making it wider for bigger sizes, the sleeve length and arm length should be longer for the bigger sizes and even the hood size should change for each size. (Believe me, adjustable sleeve length is a very good thing!)
A good example of bathrobe selling stores with many different size and color options and measurement provided detailed size charts is given below for our readers.

So do not forget…Size matters!

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