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Why Terry Cotton Bathrobes?

Want to Buy a Bathrobe?
…and don’t know where to begin?

Everyone loves a thick plush absorbent terry cotton bathrobe but a bathrobe comes in variety of colors, sizes and styles, even in different fabric constructions.
We know how difficult it might be to find a robe that will fit you in the style you like, since most department stores and online shops offer robes in one size fits most with limited options. is designed to help all the buyers out there to know a little more when it comes to choosing and buying a bathrobe that fits your height and weight so you and your spouse do not have to fit into a one size fits all robe!

What is so special about Turkish bathrobes?
There are different qualities of cotton used in bathrobes. The highest quality is called the High Grade Cotton known for its softness.
Turkish bathrobes are manufactured from the highest grade cotton with extra long fibers grown in the Aegean region.
Source: Cotton Outlook, December 2000

We agreed on buying a Turkish bathrobe…what’s next?

Construction of a bathrobe

Terry Cotton
Made of 100% natural cotton, terry cloth robes have high absorbency compared to velour cotton and can be used after shower or for loungewear.
The terry on the cotton bathrobe is a woven of cotton with uncut loops. Absorbency of a terry cotton bathrobe increases as loops on the robe become longer and denser.
When choosing a bathrobe, cotton is the safest choice with its high water and perspiration absorbency after a shower or bath. High grade cottons like Turkish cotton will give people more comfort.

Cotton Velour
Softer feeling than the terry cloth, velour robes have cut loops with velour on the outside and terry on the inside. Velour gives the bathrobe a more luxurious feeling and is preferred mostly by hotels and spas due to its softness however, the absorbency is less than a 100% terry cloth robe.

A fairly new synthetic fabric with a size thinner than human hair, microfiber robes are light weight and very soft  giving the skin more room to breather. However, microfiber bathrobes do not absorb water as well as terry cotton bathrobes.

Waffle weave cotton robes are used mostly in hospitality industry or as promotional item with its low cost and ligher weight.

Next step…choosing the style

Full Length
More and more people prefer ankle length bathrobes since it will cover the body literally from head to toe and absorb the maximum amount of water.
When measuring the length of a full length bathrobe, one begins from the back of the neck where the shoulders begin to all the way down to ankles.

Shawl Collar
A robe is called shawl when the collar closes on the neck giving more warmth.

Hooded robe
A sewn hood into the neckline of a robe, hooded robes keep the head warm and help dry wet hair. Hooded robes are made of mostly terry cloth due to its absorbency function.

Kimono Robe
Kimono style robes have no collar unlike shawl collar bathrobes. Kimono style is more preferred with its lighter weight in warmer climates or during the summer

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