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How to choose a bathrobe?

Everyone likes a functional, soft and cuddly bathrobe.
You may like a hooded bathrobe to wrap you after a long leisure bath or a soft, warm one to put on as soon as you get up from your warm bed. Maybe a full-length one to wear in front of the fireplace or one to wear when walking your dog early in the morning hours. It can be for use at school, sports or sauna. Do you need one for your hospital visit? Even one for your honeymoon or a light weight, cute one for your bridesmaids...
Whatever is your reason, you have to decide on some aspects while buying a good bathrobe, such as:
The quality of the bathrobe: There are some characteristics that determine 'the quality' of a bathrobe like: Where is the bathrobe made in? Does it have size options for the perfect fit? And most importantly, what is the fabric of the bathrobe? (Is it 100% Terry Cotton cloth?)
The style of the bathrobe: Are you looking for a full-length or a short bathrobe? Do you want a hood or do you prefer a non-hooded one? Do you want your bathrobe to be heavy or light-weight?
The color/size of the bathrobe: Do you know your size on bathrobes? What color/s do you prefer on your bathrobe?

Now, lets take a look as these facts in detail:
1.The quality/fabric of the bathrobe: Believe it or not, bathrobes come in a huge variety of fabrics. These fabrics vary from polyester/nylon/synthetic to 100% terry cotton. The nylon/synthetic ones are usually the cheapest ones, because the manufacturing cost is very low. When buying a bathrobe, most important fact is; you have to choose a high quality fabric so you don't throw the bathrobe and your money to trash after the first wash. The other reason is that you also don't want something 'nylon' or 'polyester' touching your skin.
Here are some good options for bathrobe fabrics:
100% Terry Cotton: Made of 100% cotton, terry cotton cloth has the highest absorbency compared to other fabrics and is ideal for use after shower. The terry cotton is a woven of cotton with uncut loops. Absorbency of a terry cotton bathrobe increases as loops on the bathrobe become denser. When choosing a bathrobe, cotton is the safest choice with its high water and perspiration absorbency. High grade cottons like Turkish cotton will give you more comfort.

Cotton Velour: Feeling softer than the terry cloth, velour robes have cut (shaven) loops with velour on the outside and terry on the inside. Velour gives the bathrobe a more soft-velvety feeling on the outside and is preferred mostly as gift bathrobes or lounge wear robe, however it is less absorbent compared to 100% terry cloth material.

Bamboo Blend: Bamboo fabric is a natural fiber made form the pulp of the bamboo grass. Bamboo fiber has natural functions of being bacteriostatic, anti-bacteria and also deodorization. Even after 50 washings, bamboo fiber fabric still possesses excellent function of anti-bacteria. It's natural antibiosis function keeps bacterias away so that it will not produce bad odor. It is also environmentally friendly. Bamboo fiber is usually mixed with terry cotton fabric in order to increase absorbency of the fabric.

Organic cotton: Organic Cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. Organic production systems replenish and maintain soil fertility, reduce the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers. Organic terry products are not bleached or dyed. The color depends on the color of the cotton of the harvest season; lighter if sunny and darker if cool.

Look for 'Global Organic Textile Standards' logo when buying an organic bathrobe: The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is recognized as the leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibers worldwide. It defines high level environmental criteria along the entire supply chain of organic textiles and requires compliance with social criteria as well. (Source: 'Global Organic Textile Standard'.)

2. Now you have chosen the fabric, let's decide on the style of the bathrobe:
Full length bathrobes: These bathrobes are usually made up to 59" and must come all the way to your ankles. These are called 'floor-length' or 'ankle length' bathrobes. First, measure your height and then check the 'length' column on the size chart of the bathrobe.

Full-Length Bathrobes
Unfortunately, some of the bathrobes in the market are 'OSFM" (One Size Fits Most) or 'OSFA' (One Size Fits All). Both sizings are expected to fit everyone. It doesn't matter if you are too tall or petite, curvy or skinny. It's better to choose a bathrobe that comes in multiple sizes. You sure don't want a full-length bathrobe to sweep the floor if you are a size petite lady, or one that comes to your knees as if you have worn your kid's bathrobe if you are a tall person. That's why having multiple size options are important when buying a bathrobe.
Mid-calf length: These bathrobes come between your knees and your ankles.

Short: These come to your knees and can be used in warm climates. Ideal as a summer bathrobe. These are also perfect for traveling or using in hospital.

Hooded: A hooded bathrobe is generally used after shower for drying wet hair. Ideal for long-haired ladies who want to dry their hair faster after shower. You may also choose a non-hooded one if you prefer to use a towel for your hair.

Kimono style: These bathrobes are usually mid-calf length or short. They do not have hoods and they are light in weight. These are also perfect for traveling.

Light-weight: If you need a bathrobe for hot summer days and do not want a thick-heavy bathrobe, light weight ones are perfect for you. These styles are also chosen by spas and hotels due to low price and ease of use in multiple washings.

3. The color of the bathrobe: After choosing your size and style, the last thing to do is to choose your favorite color. Be careful about washing instructions when buying a colored bathrobe as the color may fade after multiple washings.

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