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Every person is different and unique in size and shape. That's why size really matters when buying a bathrobe.Many companies offer few size and color options when you are shopping for a bathrobe. That's because lesser variations can be manufactured in bulk quantities and they are also cost efficient from the manufacturer's standpoint.However, people are different from one another and offering one size or two sizes to every bathrobe buyer in the market simply does not work. As the demand grows, some companies are starting to offer 3 sizes (like S, M, L) which is actually better then one size (OSFM) but they are still missing big/tall and petite size buyers.In reality, the optimal would be to have 5 sizes:...

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Turkish Cotton is a high quality cotton grown in the Aegean part of Turkey, where the climate has more sunny days and is less rainy which is a perfect environment for cotton.Turkish Cotton is one of the leading cottons in the world because of it's certain characteristics:· Turkish Cotton has a long lasting texture and natural shine.· Turkish Cotton has long fibers: The fibers of Turkish cotton are naturally narrow in diameter and long, which means more threads can fit into the cloth per square inch.· Turkish Cotton is extremely absorbent: Turkish Cotton has more threads. More threads mean more absorbency. That's why Turkish Cotton is extremely absorbent, and natural absorbency is better for bathrobes and towels while other less...

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